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Theses & Desiderata for a Physical-Material SONGS Infrastructure




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  • Communications networks continually and crucially “carry” cultural developments and individual possibilities in them for better or worse.
  • In a non-dystopian future, sustainable communications networks will inevitably be constructed (“sustainable”= made with and powered by materials with minimal negative impacts on humanity along with its environment according to the best available metrics).
  • In a non-dystopian future, individuals and communities locally and globally will be able to choose to access and build sustainable communications networks (or not) according to their own needs and purposes. 
  • In a non-dystopian future, maximally collaborative and minimally harmful congruences of individual/local/spiritual-intellectual cultural resources and communal/global/physical-material cultural resources will be sought, prioritized, and implemented.


  • Disengage existing communications networks from fossil fuels and reconnect to renewable power sources as efficiently and expeditiously as possible (according to the best available metrics).
  • Make affordable sustainable communications networks, optimally compatible with existing and future ones, more accessible and buildable both to individuals and diverse global populations.
  • Continue to develop sustainable building and powering materials (batteries, antennas, etc.) and innovative uses of the radio frequency spectrum for smaller- and larger-scale communications networks that remain adaptable to change.
  • Continue development of a humanist and STEM-based “metrics” to assess shorter- and longer- term economic costs and other efficiencies involved in transitioning to sustainable communications networks.

Suggestions and advice from the physical/biological sciences is deeply appreciated. Watch for revisions and additions.

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