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Symposium: “Border-Walls, Fire-Walls, Sea-Walls, Present and Future.”

Border-Walls, Fire-Walls, Sea-Walls

Global-Cultural Resources as Limits

“Border-Walls, Fire-Walls, Sea-Walls, Present and Future: Global-Cultural Resources as Limits,” with guest speaker, freelance journalist Dr. Susanne Götze, author of Land Unter im Paradies: Reportagen aus dem Menschenzeitalter (‘Land Under’ in Paradise. Reports from the Anthropocene).






Lecture by Dr. Götze on November 13, 2019, at 5:00-6:15 pm in Dauer 219 (Ruth McQuown Room): “‘Walls in the Head’: Challenges Facing Global Action on Climate Change.”

Livestream recording link:


Panel Discussion, “Walls of Present and Future: The Genuine, the Imaginary, and the Fake in Global Climate Change Discourse,” with Dr. Götze and UF faculty on November 14, 2019, at 4:00-5:30 pm (the Ocora Room, Pugh Hall). Discussants: Marcel Lewandowsky (Center for European Studies), Jasmine McNealy (Journalism), Ken Sassaman (Anthropology), and Robert T. Walker (Geography). Moderated by Terry Harpold.

Livestream recording link:

Susanne Götze, Guest Speaker

Robert Walker, UF Department of Geography

Jasmine McNealy, UF College of Journalism

Ken Sassaman, UF Department of Anthropology

Marcel Lewandowsky, UF Center for European Studies

Terry Harpold, English Department; Director of the Imagining Climate Change Initiative

Livestreamed and recorded by the Sustainable Online Network for Global Cultural Studies. Contact organizer Will Hasty <> with questions.

The Fall 2019 Campus Weeks Events were sponsored by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, UF’s “Imagineering and the Technosphere” Mellon Intersections Group (also see here), the Imagining Climate Change Initiative, and UF’s Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies; with additional support from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the University of Florida International Center, the Center for European Studies, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies, and the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.


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NameBrooke Johnson

As a scientist, I have noticed a distrust by the public increase over the last decade especially in the discipline of climate change research. There have been many studies manipulated on both sides of the spectrum that has made many unsure what to believe. Is there a way to combat this? Is there a way to make the unbiased accurate studied more known for people to use as a reference? I know that I like to make informed evidence based decisions and I think the lack of trust in climate change science has inhibited the prevention and remediation of climate change.

April 26, 2020

NameLindsey Echtermeyer

Dr. Götze gave a fantastic presentation! I enjoyed her personal story, due to the fact that both my parents lived on the West Side of the Berlin Wall and were there when it came down, to this day they tell me about the energy of the city that day and how life changed after the wall came down. It was interesting to hear the perspective of that day from someone who was on the other side, as I had never considered the social disruption that came with the wall coming down. It really made me reconsider some of that time period and how it is perceived. In today's world, it is so important to seriously consider our impact on the environment, with scientists saying our time is running out, it almost makes you feel hopeless. Dr. Götze articulated her thoughts and actions on climate change in a way that was very beneficial to someone who is not very well versed in that area. It leads me to reconsider my impact on the environment, we often feel so entitled to certain things but if we really want to create the change we need to like Dr. Götze says we need to incorporate this mindset into our identity. Her words encouraged me to seek out more about my impact on the environment and try to break down the wall around me that I don't even realize are there. I look forward to hearing more from Dr. Götze in the future.

April 26, 2020

NameAlex Blinn

From watching this symposium, I learned much more about the Berlin Wall and the fall of it in 1989. It was very intriguing to listen to someone who had first hand experience living during this time in East Berlin as well as what it was like after the wall came down. When she mentioned the warm welcome from the West and the quick turn around from it involving westerners sweeping in and taking over, I could not help but think about many societies and countries being overthrown by those in power. For example, when Europeans came to America and built it up at the cost of Native Americans and how their lifestyles were completely uprooted and changed.

April 23, 2020